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Swim Cosy Wetsuit/Vest

available in 4 sizes:
0-6, 6-18 and 18-30 months
also 2-3 years (without under the nappy flap)

The Swim Cosy Vest is made from high grade 3mm neoprene specially selected to keep your baby / toddler warm and cosy in cooler swimming environments.
A warm and happy child is more likely to enjoy swimming (or splashing) for a lot longer and the vest provides the valuable warmth when leaving the pool/sea for changing.


The under the nappy flap keeps your child's disposable swim nappy securely in place when their excited legs wriggle about.


Our unique toddler size vest (age 2-3 years)
does not incorporate the under the nappy flap feature, we designed it more like a waistcoat allowing potty training toddlers to quickly make regular visits to the toilet. 

We only use soft anti-snag Velcro which is extremely quiet and does not startle babies when 'ripping apart'. This makes for a much nicer undressing experience - keeping your young baby calm in what could be a new environment to them. The Velcro is soft on skin and will also minimise plucking if it comes into contact with your swim costume.

With a lab tested UPF rating of 50+ you are safe in the knowledge that your child is also receiving additional sun protection against harmful rays. Always apply sunscreen underneath the vest to avoid areas of sunburn.

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